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Hi - My name is Mal Haskins - I'm a New Zealand based IFMGA / NZMGA International Ski and Mountain Guide

Back in Ushuaia – prep for next passage south

Posted by Antartica

It’s very very busy the day we return to port in Ushuaia. We have to Get the current passengers ready to disembark Get their baggage off the ship Re-provision the ship with fresh supplies Meet the incoming staff and say goodbye to any offsigning staff. We (the staff) then get a few hours ashore before […]

Antarctic Peninsula – Foyn Harbour Ice Climbing – 25th December

Posted by Antartica

After travelling north to Foyn Harbour, the next Mountaineering team had an adventure of a different kind. Ice climbing again but this time we hiked to the top of the cliff first and then had to be lowered to the bottom before climbing back up. Before we could do this however, we needed to actually […]

Antarctic Peninsula – Ketley Point – 25th December

Posted by Antartica

With snow storms threatening but holding back around the N of Ronge Island we made our landing at Ketley Point, donned our snowshoes (of which we were all experts at doing now) and began our walk up towards the start of the glacier. We all negotiated a short narrow section well above one of the […]