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Noel Ward

Glacier Ski Touring

Fabulous! Our approach to the trip was to be flexible adapting our objectives based on where we might find the best snow and weather. On that basis we gave Mal the flexibility to recommend our itinerary. Although Mike had expressed interest on skiing on the Fox-Franz Neve. Overall I feel Mal’s recommendation to base ourselves in Centennial and Pioneer Huts optimised our expereince enabling us to enjoy some great skiing in a stunning landscape. Safety Yes, Mal put particular and appropriate focus on safety in choosing, ski objectives, route finding and methods of travel. At all times I was comfortable with his decisions and guidance to us. What did you enjoy the most? : Many things, not least the skiing! Skiing up and over Graham Saddle – some of the best skiing of the trip. The food was above expectation. Also found Mal’s enthusiasm to pass on his significant knowledge of snow anchors, avalanche beacon use, prussicking methods and methods to escape belays.

Brook Henderson

Avalanche Awareness Course

Trip Description : Was a very eye opening and humbling experience about current snow conditions. A lot to take on board across a lot of different topics, awesome to get up on some snow and have a dig and assess conditions. Would do it again and recommend to others! Would loved to have learned what makes a more stable snow pack and favourable conditions for touring. Learned a lot about risk vs reward in some very real scenarios, good to be a bit scared and feel very out of my depth when even considering leaving a ski boundary now after doing this course says a lot! Have heaps to learn and experience in the mountains! Stoked on the course very real and informative!! Thanks

Alex Breen

Basic Alpine Skills

Trip Description : Basic Mountaineering Skills, coupled with avalanche awareness lecture and an ascent of Single Cone the following day. Safety : Yes, I felt very well looked after. What did you enjoy the most? Mal’s ability to answer all of my many questions regarding all things alpine – especially the super basic stuff. The amount of information I got out of the experience was amazing.

Ed Cromwell

Ski Mountaineering Course

Trip Description : Great experience learning how to manage risk skiing in a high alpine environment in an a fun, casual and confident manner. Safety : Definitely. Felt very safe. What did you enjoy the most? : Learning about risk management in that environment and being responsive to questions as well as great skiing.