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Hi - My name is Mal Haskins - I'm a New Zealand based IFMGA / NZMGA International Ski and Mountain Guide

Departure from Ushuaia – The Drake Passage

Posted by Antartica

The Plancius has set sail from Ushuaia. After taking on new stores and provisions, bunkering ( refuelling process) and embarking the new passengers, the Planciusleft Ushuaia at approx 6 pm We’ve now left the Beagle Channel and are out in the Drake Passage and enroute to the Antarctic Peninsula The weather is pretty good with […]

Final leg to Ushuaia

Posted by Antartica

To pass the time waiting for flying guys,  here are a few images from last years  trip that have been turned into paintings. I’m currently sitting in the Domestic Terminal in Buenos Aires waiting for the flight to Ushuaia where I will join with the MV Plancius Enjoy