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Hi - My name is Mal Haskins - I'm a New Zealand based IFMGA / NZMGA International Ski and Mountain Guide

Namche – Acclimation

Posted by Kyajo Ri - 2019

Namche – it’s the iconic Sherpa town that you have to pass through on your way into the Khumbu region by foot  situated at 3450m it’s the first ‘must stop’ location to give your body the chance to get used to the altitude you are slowly gaining A standard way to acclimatise is not gaining […]

T.I.N This Is Nepal

Posted by Kyajo Ri - 2019

As usual, trips, expeditions and expectations need to be flexible when you have planned to do something in Nepal. You may often hear people who have visited Nepal on a regular basis say the phrase T I N – meaning that you can expect everything and anything to change and that things just may simply […]