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1/2 Moon Island – South Shetlands

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The weather on our last day in Antarctic waters was not very suitable for mountaineering. Our objective for the day would have meant that we needed to take a zodiac across 5km or so of open water in 25 knts of wind and driving rain. Less than ideal. Instead the Mountaineering team were able to […]

Foyn Harbour

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Foyn Harbour The weather caused us to change plans this morning – we were eying up a climb of Jabet Peak in Dorian Bay but the strong winds and approaching snow storm told us that we had better relocate further to the north. So instead we devised a plan to head onto a small island […]

Petermann and Hoveguard Islands

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Morning – Petermann Island. It had snowed again overnight and the morning was cold – the mountaineering team departed for the North East corner of Peterman island where we first had to get ashore! After making shore via a narrow cleft in the rocks and gaining the snowfield the we changed our boot and got […]

Neko Harbour and Danco Ice

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Morning – Neko Point   The views were again incredible as we approached Neko Point – as we arrived we could see our route which makes its way up the broad shoulder to a large rock buttress.  We need to come ashore and walk gently past the Gentoo’s penguins who were very inquisitive about our […]