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Hi - My name is Mal Haskins - I'm a New Zealand based IFMGA / NZMGA International Ski and Mountain Guide

Zatra Lha, Khumbu Valley

Posted by MIA 2013 Nepal

On the Road to Ama Dablam….. Over the last few days we have crossed back over from the Hinku Valley back into the Solokhumbu. We climbed from Khote to a small town / teahouse called Thuli Kharaka. This involved dropping down from Khote at 3550m to about 3300m before climbing back up to 4300m again. […]

Weather and snow

Posted by MIA 2013 Nepal

Here’s a very quick update from Khare, approx 5000m. We got to Khare 2 days ago in glorious weather from Thagnag. Walking up under the shadow of the surrounding peaks was simply amazing. The views of the (very gnarly looking) north facve of mera peak were simply stunning- as were the large serac avalanches coming […]

Mountains, Altitude and Rescues

Posted by MIA 2013 Nepal

We left Panch Phokari 2 days ago and dropped down to the towen of Khote. Khote is the offical entrance to the Barun Makalu National Park and is a fairly busy place. It’s also a hub for sick and ill people. About 30 minutes after we arrived a helicopter arrived to drop oiff supplies and […]