Each different Antarctic Expedition is different, with the weather, wildlife, conditions and expedition members all playing a huge role in creating a successful and exciting adventure.  This Journey South had each unique element come together to create an epic adventure with amazing adventures each and every day .Typically we spend 2 1/2 days sailing each way across the Drake Passage with 6 days down on the Peninsula.

We go to many different landing sites each time and no sailing plan is the same.  As a mountain guide I feel very privileged to be able to come down and enjoy this amazing place and share my passion and love of the mountains and wild places with our passengers.



With many different locations we can choose from an array of mountaineering activities, zodiac cruising or typical landings where its possible to meet and observe the local wildlife.  Penguins, Whales, Seals, Birds and the incredible Antarctic backdrop make each voyage and unforgettable adventure.
We are now just getting ready to emabrk our next set of passengers and head back down across the Drake – the weather is looking favorable for a smooth passage and we expect to be arriving back down near Spigot Peak in 2 1/2 days …..
Enjoy the final gallery from this voyage below … More news to follow