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Hi - My name is Mal Haskins - I'm a New Zealand based IFMGA / NZMGA International Ski and Mountain Guide

Cholatse Summit 2nd November 2016

Posted by Cholaste 2016

On the 2nd of November we had 7 team members, 2 guides and 4 Sherpa reach the summit of Cholatse! The summits occured in 2 waves 8:30 am Rory Mckenna John O’Conner Pablo Shaun Moore Mal Haskins (Guide) Sherap Sherpa (Sirdar HA Sherpa) Chhring Sherpa (HA Sherpa) Pema Sherpa (HA Sherpa) 2nd Wave about 10 […]

Acclimation, Rock Tower, Camp 1

Posted by Cholaste 2016

We’re back down at basercamp again after our final acclimation rotation on the mountain. The team went up to sleep at Camp 1 and have look at the rock towere that need to be negotiated before reaching the snowy (icy) soaring SW ridge that lead to the final summit ridge line. The tower itself is […]

HC – Camp 1 and Rest Days

Posted by Cholaste 2016

We have been making our way up the mountian over the last few days as have the combined Sherpa Climbing team. The fixing team summitted the day before yesterday at 1430 with no wind and great conditions on the summit as our team were doing the first load crry to camp 1 to stock it […]