The weather on our last day in Antarctic waters was not very suitable for mountaineering. Our objective for the day would have meant that we needed to take a zodiac across 5km or so of open water in 25 knts of wind and driving rain.

Less than ideal.

Instead the Mountaineering team were able to enjoy a day ashore on 1/2 Moon Island – A Argentinian base is here and was still suprinsing manned at this time of year – the Island is alo home to a hue colony of Chinstrap Penguins and the remnants of the old Whaling boats used in the area.

True to form for the South Shetland Islands, the weather only improved as we were heading back to Ortelius so we could start our journey back north across the Drake Passage.

Currently we are 1/3 of the way back and making good time.  The Drake is again in good condition with only 2-3 m waves!  Hardly a shaky drake experience at all.