Namche – it’s the iconic Sherpa town that you have to pass through on your way into the Khumbu region by foot  situated at 3450m it’s the first ‘must stop’ location to give your body the chance to get used to the altitude you are slowly gaining

A standard way to acclimatise is not gaining more than 300m / day beyond 3000m and having a full rest day every 1000m of elevation u gain beyond 2500m

This means coffee , tea , slow walks up to around 3800m for more tea and taking in the views.

Today we were treated to an absolutely stunning view with little to no wind and amazing clear blue skies – normally only associated with the post monsoon season.

After the last few days of poor weather there has suddenly been an incredible influx of trekkers into Namche  – some seasoned travellers and others super excited wide eyed first time travellers who don’t realise just how amazing it was to be gifted such an amazing day

Tomorrow Heather and I start making our way towards Gokyo Lakes.  We will go via Dole, Macherma ( 2 nights ) and then at Gokyo for another two nights where we will also wander our way slowly up Gokyo Ri (5300m)

This will then give our bodies the ability sustain us as we drop back to Namche and prep our gear to head in towards Kyajo Ri ….

The weather looks good and we’re amped to get out beyond the recently arrived groups delayed  by the weather from flying in.

Heres to slow walks and plenty of breaks for Tea


Namche Bazzar

The road to Acclimation

Everest Hound – Our acclimatisation buddy