On the 2nd of November we had 7 team members, 2 guides and 4 Sherpa reach the summit of Cholatse!

The summits occured in 2 waves

8:30 am

Rory Mckenna

John O’Conner


Shaun Moore

Mal Haskins (Guide)

Sherap Sherpa (Sirdar HA Sherpa)

Chhring Sherpa (HA Sherpa)

Pema Sherpa (HA Sherpa)

2nd Wave about 10 am

Janet Picket

Andrew Bishop

Jerry Gore (Guide)

Tamting Sherpa (HA Sherpa)

Jerry, Janet and Andrew have stayed at Camp 1 as they were too tired and it was getting too dark for them to descend to basecamp safely. They will be descending early on the 3rd of November

The rest of the team were back down here just on 6 pm after a 1 am wake up and a 3 am departure for the summit – it was a brisk -15 degrees!

There have been many summit on cholatse these season – mainly due to the incredible co-operation between the Sherpa teams between the 3 man groups that have been here on the mountain this season. Without this great team work and huge efforts by the Sherpa fixing teams it is unlikley that the mountian woud have been able to be fixed so early

Thanks guys!

Images to follow when we get out to better internet range


Mal Haskins