Crossing the Drake – Day 1 and 2

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We”re now into our second day of the Drake Crossing. This is now my 5th crossing of the drake and it is by FAR the calmest and warmest I have seen. Yesterday we had squalls and rain with the occasional flurry of snow and the bow spray would occasionally freeze before it slammed into the […]

Ushuaia Update

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We’re now back in the amazing port town of Ushuaia – I ‘ve got the chance to do a few updates with high res images before we head south again in a few hours with a complete set of new pasengers.   The last few days have been pretty good with some amazing climbing – […]

EXP 1- Final Days and Sailing North

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We’ve completed our first trip south to the peninsula and are now on the way back to Ushuaia to pick up more passengers to do a quick turn around and come down south again. The ship has changed from a being a hot bed of frenetic activity, with the crew staff and passengers moving about […]

Down on the Peninsula

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Our Voyage down was reasonably calm with only a moderate swell and NW winds. The Plancius arrived in Antarctica during the early morning of the 20th. By the time the passengers were up and awake we were sitting of Couverville Island – a small outcropping on the edge of the Antarctic Continent. Snow conditions at […]