We”re now into our second day of the Drake Crossing. This is now my 5th crossing of the drake and it is by FAR the calmest and warmest I have seen. Yesterday we had squalls and rain with the occasional flurry of snow and the bow spray would occasionally freeze before it slammed into the lounge and bridge windows.
Today the Sun is out and shining with a stiff Southerly breeze and an air temp of close to 2 degrees. We are being followed by a huge array of bird life
Royal Albatross Wandering Albartross Giant Petral Antarctic Prions Blue Petral
These birds will follow us until we get close to the Antarctic Channels before turning and heading back out to sea.
Our day will now be taken up with safety briefings – IAATO briefings – handing out the rubber shore boots and talking with the various people who would like to come out climbing.
The weather for the next few days down in Antarctica is forecast to be cooler (-2) with clear skies and lite to moderate winds – so we’re hoping for better snow conditions!
Till next time {CAPTION}