Friday 9th October: The team have arrived at Gokyo after 7 days of
bad weather – rain, wind and and snow above 4000 metres most days.
Today the boys climbed up to made it up to Gokyo Ri (5,356m) and Mal
flew his speed wing back down making a somewhat unplanned landing in
Gokyo lake!

They have now headed off for 4 days of acclimatisation climbing a few
smaller peaks in the area before heading to Cholatse base camp. All
are fit and acclimatising well but hoping for a change in the weather.

Will get a further update on Tuesday via the satellite phone on Gokyo village

Sophie Ward
3 Juno Place

H 443 2810
W 443 8606 (Tuesday – Friday AM)
M 021 0239 5498