Big Down, Big Up, Big Rain

That pretty much sums up today. The rain set in early morning (2-3 am) and the extra Tarps that we had set up over the tents saved us from the large penetrating rain drops creating extra condensation in our tents. As morning broke there seemed little likely-hood of the rain easing.

And it didn’t.

It actually got heavier!

Todays jaunt was a stroll up to 3200m to cross the Pangom La – followed by a 1200m descent down to a bridge crossing the Hinku River at 2050m. We stopped here for lunch, and as we were eating the cloud rolled back up the valley, the cloud then started to form larger drops of water – this is typically called rain….. Our goal for today was to climb back up to 2850 to a town called Nashing Dingma.

I’d been here a few years ago and my memory of the place was wet. It’s a large plateau on the side of a steep sided valley and catches nearly all the water in thew near vicinity. Since it’s been raining for some time now the place resembles a bit of a mud puddle!

The call was made to NOT sleep in our tents tonight and instead we’re sleeping on the floor a partially built Nepali home – there are no tea houses here.

So now the team has all had a good was – our cloths and duffles are all drying out, the fire is on and dinner is on the way. Our Porter team is also under shelter and drying out their boots infront of a good fire. Depending on the weather tomorrow we may stay one more day here. Whilst the western team is more than happy to keep on going up to our next camp site we’re more concerned about the porter team carrying heavy loads up rain soaked hills and into colder weather.

Keep an eye on the Map to see if we’ve moved on. Keep the good times coming

The last tea house – before the heavy rains
Umbrella Country
Enjoying a warm dry placeby the fire