We’ve been on the trail now for 2 days, and as is normal at this time of year, we have mostly morning cloud and drizzle. Whilst the torrential downpours of the monsoon have eased, the humidity, cloud and lite rain persist.

The flight into Lukla however, was the smoothest and calmest I have ever experienced. No turbulence or bumps whatsoever! Ben Out himself right up the front of the plane to get a birds eye view of the landing – his look of general excitement gave way to general concern as we approached. As we landed it changed back to relief!

The walking for the past few days has been ’ Nepali Flat’. This means lots of up and lots of down. Today’s wander took us through a descent of 900m with a climb of 850m. How do I know this? Brendan is logging his ups and down on his watch everyday and is giving us updates on our totals 🙂

Overall the team is in great spirits – the laughter continues, meals fantastic, we have the Same cook , Dev Magnar, that we had on the Speedfly8000 expedition. His food, cooking and variety on that expedition was amazing and it seems like he is once again living up to the same standard.

Tomoro we cross over the Pangom La and drop into the Hinku Valley. We have a 1200m descent ahead of us tomoro – followed by a 1000m climb up to our campsite at Nashing Dingma – a High Energy Day!

Tonight we are sleeping at 2950m and from now we will slowly climb up to 4500m over 4 days to a site called Panch Phokari. We will have a rest day there to allow for acclimatization and general resting before we descend down to the bottom of the Hinku Valley and the town of Khote. Don’t forget to check out the Map which will give you a 7 day rolling view for where we are and where we’ve been.

Wet Landings in Lukla
Wet Landings in Lukla
Taking a break from the heat
Shaun - taking a break from the heat