Since returning to New Zealand from Antarctica I’ve been exceptionally busy but have just found the time to complete this post!

It had  been a busy few weeks down on the peninsula and we’ve been blessed again by simply stunning weather.  The weather down there is in stark contrast to the NZ weather this summer!  Read on! cThis post cover the final days of the 2nd trip down south in Antarctica over the January period but we’re heading back down south again in early March!


Jabet Peak – New years Day

I posted earlier on about this fantastic day but wasn’t able to post any images of the fun we were having due to slow internet connections and the like.  Below is a short gallery of the New Years day climbing on Jabet Peak


January the 2nd

Neiko Harbour AM LANDING

Our first journey of the moring was up above Neiko Harbour again – unlike the trip we did a few weeks priously – it was still / calm and a gentle day.  this journey also showed us just how important it is to be taking the right safety measure on the glacier.  The glacier Neiko Harbour is a bit strnage  – there’s something under the glacier that is making the vrevassing run at unprediticable angles.  One of out biggest hurdles it to get out guest to understand the need to for correct galcier travel modes and keeping the rope tight.

After resonablely straight forward walk up to our high point where we could see the expanding waves of debris from the glacier calving into the ocean beow us, we started to walk back down towards the shore as two roped parties of 7.  One of our guest – Adam – found out in a direct manner just how deep some crevasses could be and the importance of trusting your rope partners.  Beth did an amazing job of hilding Adams fall and then Mal and Cube were able to complete a straight forward crevasses extraction.

Adam came up a bit shook up but with no other injuries other than a bit of bruising to his ribs where he had hit the edge of the crevasse on the way down.

Kanessa Point – PM Trip

A journey into new terrain.

One of the more amazing oportunites to be given in Antarctica is the possible chance to step onto new terrain where nobody has ever stood.  At Kanessa Pont on our previous trip I had spied another small route that was worth a look – a small peak with a series of rocksteps and ledges that looked fun to play on.  With a small team of 4 we were able to go out and give this awesome little route a stab – we weren’t able to make a full summit due to not having enough rock pro but we did get to within 30 minutes of making to top of this little peak before needing to descend for pick up again via zodiac