Day 3

Testing and sorting gear. Before heading out for dinner last night Mal decided to test the satellite phone with the laptop to make sure everything is working properly. Good thing he did cause it did not work. The laptop was not recognising the phone and the sat phone appeared to have lost it’s sense of sound, no reassuring tones and no dial tone. Hmm what now? Mal spent half the night reconfiguring and trying everything but no joy.. He was not a happy camper this morning 🙁



Anyway long story short we made a trip to Constellation Technology and the very helpful crew there helped us to work out that the data cable was kaput along with the sat phone speakers. Lots of money later happiness returned with a working sat phone system – handsfree speaker kit, new data cable and extra battery.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at our agent Nima’s, meeting the crew and checking the rest of the expedition gear including a shiny new solar panel with a thousand wires and cables that I think I might need to learn how to connect up.

So tonight we are relaxing and tomorrow we go to Bhat Ba Thani (Nepali mega department store) to buy all our mountain food. Yay – I love foreign supermarkets!