Baecamp smallCurrently we are at our base-camp at 4900mtrs organizing equipment, setting up the solar chargers and feathering the nest for what will be our home for the next month or so. Our acclimitization walk from Samagoan went very smoothly with Mal, Soph and myself slowly walking up to 4100 meters quite comfortably before returning to our hostel to read and relax. Our planned move to basecamp the following day was thwarted by steady rain, rain in which we could not expect our sandal wearing porters (30 of them each carrying approx 30kgs) to work. The day instead was spent reading and chatting to climbers who had descended from Manaslu base to take a break from the weather. The climbers bought with them tales of diabolical crevasses, avalanches and constant rain/snow. We could not wait to see for ourselves. Early the next morning the hotel courtyard was full of porters strapping loads to their backs. I nearly busted myself on the way up, I decided to see if a relatively fit, goretek clad thirty something male in sturdy boots could keep up with a young lady carrying 30kgs in skirt and thongs. I gave up after only a few gasping hours. Five hours later we arrived at our basecamp all feeling strong and ready to launch into the task of digging out platforms for our sleeping, eating and the kitchen tents.

On the way to our base Mal and I made as short detour to chat with Russel and Dave Mckinley, aka ’Dgnarly’ who are with the massive Himex expedition. We paid Russel $100US each for use of his fixed lines and got the latest news of the mountain.Russ and D’Gnarly (aka Dave Mckinley) reported a few easily navigable crevasses between base and camp one and a high Avalanche risk above two which will abate with the expected good weather coming. That afternoon and this morning have been Mal and soph in diing tent - smallspent organizing our base. We now have two tarpaulin clad sleeping tents, a foam floored dining/relaxing tent with solar power, a dry, level kitchen tent and a poo-barrel tent positioned some distance away! We had planned a chill out after setting everything up but as Mal and I feel so good we are going to take a wander up towards camp one to begin our acclimatization. Sophie is planning to spent the day resting up for her birthday celebration extravaganza tomorrow which will include Dhal Baht, some chocolate, a birthday cake and snow cones (not yellow!)

Ben West