I’ve just recently come out from Twins Stream in the Mt Cook region where I was running a short 3 day tune up trip for Barry Gray.  Barry is getting ready to do a ski traverse of South Georgia Island and wanted to come out and make sure he still had all the right gear and systems.

The weather wasn’t looking too good for being up high so went into Twin Stream instead of Barron Saddle to avoid the worst of the forecast strong winds – the Lenticular clouds and the forming Northwest Arch was seriously impressive.

The Twin Stream streams region offers a few really good day tours and the opportunity to ski a valley with a range of aspects from sunny to shady.  Its a great place to make sure that your skinning , crevasse travela dn other associated skills are up to scratch.

The walk out had become a tad more overgrown than I remembered it – but what’s a little bit of Matagauri under your skin …

Enjoy the gallery below.

Good luck on your crossing Barry