12th October 2011

Today at 11:40am Mal, Ben, Siddhi Mama and Phemba Sherpa made it to the top of Mt Manaslu at 8,164 metres. It was an amazingly gorgeous sunny day but unfortunately the winds were too strong for Mal to fly from 8,000 metres, However it’s looking good for an early morning flight tomorrow from around 7,.000 metres back to Camp 1.

They are all doing well, completely exhausted but still prettty chuffed they made it to the top.

Party tomorrow night at BC! I have a few cheeky hip flasks of rum and a couple of beers and I’m pretty sure there will be summit cake too.

The last of the bigger groups packed up and left BC today. Tonight it’s just me and our 2 cooks and another couple of sherpas from another small group at base camp.

Stay tuned for awesome summit photos and stories tomorrow

Sophie at Base Camp (aka ghost town)