Over the last 4 days the Jagged Globe, Putha Hiunchuli team has been making it’s way up through the Lower Dolpo Trail from Juphal to our current location of Karkott (3300m). The region is very dry, dust storms, donkey dust, narrow trails and deep river gorges are giving us daily challenges and rewards.

The Team has been slowly getting into the swing of daily life on the trail, bed tea and breakfast followed by 2-3 hours of trekking before a rest whilst lunch is prepared by our amazing kitchen staff and then a few more hours of trekking before we reach our campsite for the night.

We’ve also been having the luxury of Al Fresco breakfasts – eating a filling meal with warm morning sunlight and the hustle and bustle of donkey loads being prepared is a real treat. The days have been very very warm with the crew searching out cool shade for regular breaks to drink water, take pictures and generally enjoy the local views.

In the last 12 hours we’ve been moving slowly above 3000m and Yaks have been making an appearance. This afternoon we made our final journey into Karkot – an amazing village, perched just beneath a huge cliff and surrounded by dry dusty fields, the afternoon winds often blowing up huge dust clouds.

This will be out base now for the next 3 days as we slowly acclimatize by doing hikes up the ridge line across the river – our trail to Pangi Camp and from there to Basecamp.

Until next time.