Powering Up – Expedition Energy Systems

Lots of things to currently get sorted. In the last few days I have been packing and sorting out exactly what I need to take with me. Fortunately I have most of my equipment stored in Nepal. This means I don’t need to worry about taking things link boots, ice axes etc

What it lets me do however it take a hell of a lot of other items with me. It’s always a good thing to avoid the shock of excess baggage charges.

To power our communications systems, radios, rechargeable batteries, laptops etc, I needed to find a reliable source of power that was going to be within my price range. In the past I’ve used Flexi Solar panels which were great for direct charging but weren’t able to store power. This year I’m playing with the Goal Zero products.

One of our Goal Zero systems
Goal Zero
  • 2 x Nomad 13 Watt solar Panels
  • 2 x Sherpa 50 storage units (aka Batteries)
  • 1 x Sherpa 50 Inverter (220 – 110 V AC)

The Sherpa 50 allows me to charge directly via USB, attache a range of 12v Adapters, connect the inverter to charge my radios and it has a dedicated laptop port with adapters for various laptop brands. I’m also able to chain my 2 solar panels together to have 26 watts with the option of linking the Sherpa 50 units together as well.

All up – seems pretty good to me. A Huge thanks for the support from the team at Goal Zero Australia.