The weather has not been kind.

Over the next few days – out until at least the 3rd of november winds are forecast to be above 100kph above 7000m and decreasing slowly down to 6000m. Foirecast winds at 6500m are in the range of 80km.

This means that there will be no fixing attempts on the mountain until at least the 3rd of November – this is now outside our time frame for a summit attempt.

Today we have made the decision to remove all our equipment from the mountain and to pack up and leave basecamp. We will be busy packing up camp and getting things stored for the journey back to Lukla and hopefully, earlier flights back to Kathmandu.

The team is happy that we gave things our best shot but realize that the weather and conditions dictate your options for climbing any mountain – let alone high mountains in the himalaya.

An adventure is a journey with an unknown outcome and this season our journey here has been a very real adventure.

All the best – Mal