We’ve spent the last few days in Namche – sorting gear -washing cloths – resorting food and getting loads to Basecamp prepared.

We expect a reasonable amount of snow on the route compared to the drier conditions that this time of year normally brings.

Namche has been a good place to rest and watch the flood of humanity stream by as they head up either to climb or mostkyvto trek to Everest Basecamp or do a few of the upper passes. It’s going to feel good to be moving again.

Last night we had a significant thunderstorm and reports from further up the valleys indicate around 10cm of new snow has fallen to around 4200m

Today we will head towards Thane but make a sharp right hand turn near Thamo and climb almost 1000m up past Mende and into the hanging valley that leads towards the southwest ridge of Kyajo Ri

We expect to be at Camp 1 either tomorrow night or the night after depending on the amount of snow that has fallen – from there Heather and I will start to carry loads towards Camp 2 at 5600 ( ish ) m and get ready for a summit push around 22-23 April.

We have enough food and time to allow ourselves 3 extra days to wait out weather and or rest if needed.

It’s unlikely that there will be any form of reception apart from Sat phone connections so our next post will be when we have come back down out of the mountain

Till then