It's definatley that time of year, and I don't mean Christmas.

Every time I go away on expedition, in the last week before I leave the courier come knocking  – almost daily.  Sometimes it's with relief as the equipment has had to come from overseas and through customs – it's never nice getting an extra bill from customs!  However this year it's mostly a steady procession of

  • stoves
  • cloths
  • Radio's
  • Extra food
  • New Solar systems
  • etc …. 

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREFrantic (no I mean calmly) packing, checking and re-checking lists as well as being prepared for the inevitable last minute spanner that invariable comes spinning at you.

This year the spanner is reduced baggae limits from Kathmandu Airport to Lukla.  The total weight per person is now only 15kg …. which means that a lot of equipment / food etc has to go up earlier or later ….. 

Lots of fun …  🙂