With snow storms threatening but holding back around the N of Ronge Island we made our landing at Ketley Point, donned our snowshoes (of which we were all experts at doing now) and began our walk up towards the start of the glacier. We all negotiated a short narrow section well above one of the Penguin colonies, walked past a large Lichen covered cliff and up to a short col where we could look out to the SW towards where Plancius was sitting.
Roping up from here we hiked up the (surprisingly longer than it looked) slope where we could look back down to see the Gerlache Straight filled with Icebergs. The peaks high above us were beginning to become occluded with drifting cloud.
Our guides Mal and Trev took us on a circular journey above a series of crevasses, gave us a short but informative lecture on how the glaciers move and why the crevasses were where they are before the cloud arrived and we travelled for a while in a ‘whiteout’.
From our high point we journeyed quickly back to shore where after a bit of equipment packing, we had an adventurous Zodiac boarding before again returning to our floating home away home, Plancius.