21st AM– Georges Point
After a series of changes to PLAN A, (which gave a hint of the weather to come) the Mountaineers made a landing at Georges Point. Our Team had their first experience of snow shoes on a short hike up the glacier to the point where we roped up and started our way up towards the short Col at the base Mt Adams.
This Col is gained by a short steep hike up a Slope and then across a well bridged crevasse before amazing views were revealed! Of course, part of the amazing views were of the increasing winds coming down the Gerlache Straight – so after a short we again made or way back down to the shore. The outgoing tide had made our journey back to Plancius a bit more difficult but with the willing help of our mountaineering team we were once again back onboard Plancius. Our first morning ashore on Georges Point was definitely an adventure!