Tititea/Mount Aspiring Guided Ascent

Known as the “Matterhorn of the South” due to its asthetic shape, Mount Aspiring stands alone as the only 3000m peak outside of Mount Cook National Park. The mountain offers a selection of routes on alpine rock, snow and ice and can be climbed with or without helicopter access – this is a rare opportunity to climb a 3000m peak purely under your own power. The foot approach to the mountain via the grassy flats of the Matukituki Valley, through beech forest then on rock up to Bevan Col and across the Bonar Glacier, is a rewarding adventure in itself!

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Mt Aspiring National PArk
MT Aspiring is the only 3000m PEak outside of Mount Cook National PArk. Summiting Mt Aspiring is a true mountaineering Expedition
1:1 or 1:2
A Ratio of 1:2 will be determined if the conditions and experience permit.
6 Days
Normal time frame of 5 Days for a Fly in Walk out program. 6th Day added for Weather and training
1:1 5800 NZD 1:2 7000 NZD
Excludes - Helicopter Access / Exit.
Difficulty for this tour
A short video of a new route on South Face of Aspiring