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October 1st – November 10th



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Western Climbing Team

Mal HaskinsMal Haskins

Mal is a professional Mtn Guide and a member of the NZMGA.  He has been climbing in Nepal since 2006 and the MIA 2013 expedtion is the 8 Nepal expedition he has been on and the 7th he has led.

Small, hand picked teams are the preference for the expedtions Mal leads. When not working in Nepal Mal is busy working in New Zealand for Alpine Guides, The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council and Southern Lakes Heliski. 

Mal is also an avid paraglider pilot and speedwing pilot.  When he's not climing he's often way up high in the sky or dropping down the sides of mountains very very fast.

For more intertesting videos of flying, climbing and heliskiing check out his youtube channel



Ben West is: a Pharmacist trying to be an author, a tourist trying to be an explorer and a trekker trying to be a mountaineer. He likes mountains, struggles to write in the third person and I am easily distracte…

P1040903Andrew Bishop

Andrew is geologist harking from King Island, Tasmania. He has always had a passion for the outdoors and cold uncomfortable environments and this has manifested itself into him working in the Polar Regions as a tour guide on expedition vessels. He has long been fascinated with mountains and the challenges they present and after completing a TMC with Alpine Guides in Mt Cook has made several ascents in the Antarctic Peninsula and more recently in Bolivia. This is his first time to the Himalaya and presents his biggest challenge to date.

IMG_0878Brendan Howe



ShaunShaun Moore
davetibbitsDavid Tibbits
HarryHarry Whitby


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