Ice Climbing in New Zealand

Ice Climbing trips or Courses in New Zealand are a very adventurous expedition style of trip. We’ll be living in Tents – cooking from a stove and hunting out amazing Ice Lines to climb. Guided Trips – Courses -Topo’s

Guided Ice Climbing

We typically use 2 different venues – Bush Stream (MCNP) or Wye Creek (Queenstown) for our Multiday trips.

Single day trips will go to the Remarkables in Queenstown
We can tailor your trip to fit your needs from a single day trip out to a week long program

Guided Ice Climbing in New Zealand

Ice Climbing Courses

Ice Climbing courses will run from either Bush Stream or Wye Creek. The courses themselves can range from 4 to 7 days.

Living deep in the heart of NZ winter in a tent is also a great way to get ready for the Himalayas and longer higher colder expeditions.

You will learn the techniques needed for single or multipitched ice climbing.

If you have a specific goal in mind, please contact us and we will design the ideal program to help you achieve it.

Ice Climbing Courses in New Zealand

Ice Climbing Programs

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Bush Stream Ice Climbing Guide – Download