Mountain Overview

Dhaulagiri VII (also known as 'Putha Hiunchuli') is the western most peak of the Dhaulagiri Range and an expedition to it is an adventure in the true sense of the word. The area is remote and simply reaching basecamp is a significant achievement.  Unlike many other 7000m mountains the peak itself present basically no technical difficulty it does however represents an attractive opportunity for those who want to climb very high. Do not discount this peak – it is still a very serious undertaking and provides excellent training for later 8,000m peaks. Overall it is probably the 'easiest' 7,000m peak in Nepal and presents an ideal opportunity for ski touring and ski or snowboard descents of a 7000+m peak.

Our Expedition notes contain a full outline of the expedition, itineary and equipment lists.

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1 4th October Fly to Kathmandu Meet at KGH
2 5th October In Kathmandu Prep  
3 6th October Fly to Nepalgunj Fly 600m
4 7th October Flight to Juphal, trek to Dunai Fly / TRek 2140m
5 8th October Trek to Tarakot Trek 2537m
6 9th October Trek to MusiKhola Trek 2875m
7 10th October Trek to Kakkot Trek 3210m
8 11th October Acclimatisation Acclimatise 5200m
9 12th October Acclimatisation Acclimatise 4750m
10 13th October Acclimatisation Acclimatise 4750m
11 14th October Trek to Pangi Camp Trek 4480
12 15th October Trek to Pangi Camp Acclimatise 4480m
13 16th October Move to Dhaulagiri VII Base Camp Trek 4950m
14 17th October Climb Prep Climb 4750m
15 18th October Climb C1 Climb 5480m
16 19th October Climb C2 Climb 5750m
17 20th October Climb Tag C3 - BC Climb 6085m
18 21st October Climb Rest Climb 4950m
19 22nd October Climb C2


Climb 5750m
20 23rd October Climb C3 Climb 6085m
21 24th October Climb C4 (6350m or 6600m) Climb 6350-6660
22 25th October Climb Summit Climb 7264m
23 26th October Climb Spare Climb  
24 27th October Climb Spare Climb  
25 28th October Climb Spare Climb  
26 29th October Return Karkot Trek 3210m
27 30th October Trek to Musikhola Trek 2875m
28 31st October Trek to Tarakot Trek 2537m
29 1st November Juphal Trek 2140m
30 2nd November Return flight to Kathmandu Fly / Ktm 1500m
31 3rd November Kathmandu KTM  
A Remote Expedition in to the Dolpa Region to climb a 7264m Peak
4th October to 3rd November
7264 m
A fantastic first 7000m peak objective or training for 8000m +
35 Days
35 Days ex Kathmandu
6 - 8
1 : 1 Sherpa Support is available
Difficulty for this tour