Introductory Ice Climbing Course - 2 Days

Introductory 2 Day Ice Climbing Program

Location : Remarkables Ski Field / Conservation Estate.

Previous Skills : Not Needed

Come out and learn the basics of ice climbing in an incredible alpine setting
No fixed dates  - We operate from June 15th onwards


Trips Run from June 15th - August 15th

There are no specific fixed dates for these courses.
Contact us directly about booking a trip.


From $650 NZD
Based on 1:4 Ratio

1:1 - $2000 NZD
1:2 - $1100 NZD
1:3 - $800 NZD
1:4 - $650 NZD

Day 1

7 am - We meet early to check your gear and equipment
8 am - depart to drive to the Remarkable Ski Field
11 am - Ice Climbing
5pm - Return to Car

Day 2

7am - Meet and travel to Remarkables
10 am Ice Climbing
5pm - Return to Car / Town

Do I need my own Climbing Equipment?


  • Climbing harnesses + personal Equipment

  • Ice Climbing Tools

  • Helmet

  • Boots

  • Pack (45 Litre day pack essential)

Some equipment will be available for hire.

Do I need to bring my own food?

No - we will provide you with lunch

Do I need my own transport?

No - you will be picked up from your accommodation each day

What will the weather by like?

We will be going out into an alpine environment - it can be both very hot and very cold depending on the weather - your guide will discuss weather options with you either the day before or the morning of your trip


Some Technical Equipment



Boots / Harness / Helmet / Crampons
Technical Ice Tools


Remarkables - Queenstown
Foot Accessed from Remarkables Ski Field Car Park. Walk in / Walk out.
We can choose routes of varying difficulty to suit a range of abilities and motivations
2 Days
Based from either Wanaka or Queenstown.
Up to 1:4
1:1 - Minimum 1:4 - MAximum
$650 NZD (based on 1:4 )
1:1 - $2000 NZD 1:2 - $1100 NZD 1:3 - $800 NZD 1:4 - $650 NZD
Difficulty for this tour