Duration : 24 Days

Difficulty : 4/5

Fitness : 5/5

Altitude 6186m

This Pre-monsoon season we are going to make an alpine style attempt on Kyajo Ri.  This means no fixed lines and no support on the Peak.  We will be using support to carry loads up to BC and High Camp however as the approach is quite long.

Kyajo Ri is situated in the Khumbu, on a Mtn Range between Namche and Thame.  There are a number of ways to approach the peak.  1 is from Machermo and the other via MENDE.  We will be going up via Mende which can take upto 2 days to reach BC from Namche depending on conditions.

Alpine style means using pitched climbing and not relying on fixed lines or multiple pre-positioned camps.

Kyajo Ri - As seen from near Thame

The Route from Camp 2 to the Summit

Mal Haskins - NZMGA / IFMGA

Heather Geluk