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Updates from the Manaslu 2011 Speedfly8000 Expedition

Back at Basecamp – quick update

14 Oct

13th October We’ll we’re all back at basecamp – we were the very last team to leave the mountain this year. Pretty exhausted so this is a very short update. Essentially I didn’t get to fly from the mountain – I tried but had issues with the wind and made a number of abortive attempts […]

Summit Summit!

12 Oct

12th October 2011 Today at 11:40am Mal, Ben, Siddhi Mama and Phemba Sherpa made it to the top of Mt Manaslu at 8,164 metres. It was an amazingly gorgeous sunny day but unfortunately the winds were too strong for Mal to fly from 8,000 metres, However it’s looking good for an early morning flight tomorrow […]

A Summit Window Appears

08 Oct

8th October We’ve been resting and waiting at basecamp for the last 4 days, looking for a possible weather window to make our summit bit. It looks like it is finally arriving. Right now we’re banking on a summit attempt on the 12th of October. We’ll actually be leaving basecamp in the very early hours […]

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