Neko Harbour and Danco Ice

11 Mar
neko 1

Morning – Neko Point   The views were again incredible as we approached Neko Point – as we arrived we could see our route which makes its way up the broad shoulder to a large rock buttress.  We need to come ashore and walk gently past the Gentoo’s penguins who were very inquisitive about our […]

Georges Point – Spigot Peak

11 Mar
Spigot Summit

Morning – Georges Point After 2 days of sea crossing we awoke with excitement to see the shores of Antarctica. The weather in the weeks earlier had been warm and wet but as we crossed the Drake Passage a cold storm had brought fresh snow to the Peninsula giving the mountains and glaciers we could […]

Crossing the Drake

11 Mar

Its been a few days now since we actually crossed the Drake passage on our way down to the Antarctic Peninsula but its been so busy I’ve not had time to send any updates. The drake was actually very benign as we sailed down – it was only a 2-3 m swell with a following […]

Antarctica 2018 – Joining Ortelious

04 Mar

Ortelious arrived in Ushuaia early this morning and by 8 am the joining expedition staff were all in the van to take us to the Port. This year I’m working with fellow NZMGA/IFMGA Mountain Guide – Andy (Frog) Taylor. Joining the ship as staff is not just a simple case of turning up and stowing […]

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